18 Feb

where to buy a used shoes

where to buy a used shoes  . one of the question that most of the people ask it to them self. is where from to buy a good quality of used shoes. we are a company that sell used or second hand shoes in addition to our high quality and reasonable prices .

17 Feb

international companies of used clothes

international companies of used clothes

we are an international company of used clothes . we classify our used clothes based on international standards . our space place is arround 3500 square meters where we do classify and sort our products. and packing them based on the desire of our clients .used clothes sellers, used clothes exporters, used clothes companies, used clothes classifications .

17 Feb

textile recycling company

used clothes suppliers

textile recycling company  . we are a textiles recycling company recycling of used clothes and re-classifying them into many different grades based on the quality of the clothes therefore we classify it Grade A , Grade B and Grade C Rags industrial stuff .


09 Feb

used clothes and shoes for africa

used clothes and shoes for africa and for african markets  . we have the best quality of second hand clothes and shoes in addition to house hold rummage and used hand bags and toys and well, we have high quality and competitive prices for african markets .

18 Ene

used clothes exporters

used clothes exporters  http://usedclothes.es/used-clothes-exporters-in-spain/used-clothes-exporters  , a highly skilled traind team , all ítems of second hand clothes and second hand shoes with high quality in addition to competitive prices export to all over the world ( europe , africa, asia , russia and so on …)


04 Ene

used clothes companies in europe

used clothes companies in europe. second hand clothes company located in spain state of valecia . a company of used clothes or second hand clothes located in spain in europe have all the ítems of unsorted original such as used clothes, used shoes, house hold rummage and many other ítems , for international markets. export to all over the world .

the packing depend on the desire of the clients