Products :

Used Clothes Exporters In Germany and Europe

As long as we have a highly skilled and trained team, with a strict system of controling the quality , we classify the materials into different articles and categories based on the grades and desire of the clients .

Our following products include :

  • Clothes ( Garment)
  • Shoes
  • Complements
  • Wipers  (Insdustrial Cleaning Stuff )

Our products are stylish , elegant and fashinable , and its include a wide range : for all groups , for all ages , and for all seasons and both gender .


Clothes (garments)

We classify our ítems into many different categories such as :

Cream and Grade A  : Almost new and not used [ latest model ,Fashionable ,Mixed with Brands ] For European and International Markets  .

Grade B :[ models , stylish and fashionable ] for international markets .

Grade B Mix Tropical : Its mixed summer ítems . in a giant bale each weight 450-500 kg , Our Mixed Tropical ítems not damage , not dirty and no holes .

Grade B Pakistan Ítems : Winter ítems . seperated such as [Children Rummage , Jackets,Courdroy trousers, jeans Trousers , leather products ,  House Hold Rummage  . Etc….    .




Our company have all kinds of ítems, articles and categories of shoes that the clients needs :

Our Shoes Ítems for  all age Groups , all seasons , and for both gender .

Our Shoes ítems include:

  • Men Shoes .
  • Men Boots
  • Ladies Shoes
  • Ladies Boots .
  • Men Sandals
  • Slippers .
  • Sports Shoes.
  • Children Shoes
  • Children Sandals   . Etc….

We sort and pack shoes in bags or sacks , each sack weight 25-30 kg , we adapt based on the desire of our customers .

We Classify shoes based on two Grades .

Grade A and Grade B , Grade B Mix Tropical .

Grade A:  Grade A shoes . comes mixed with cream

Grade B : Grade B shoes comes mixed with Grade A

Grade B Mix tropical : Mixed summer shoes it comes all mix together  include all age groups , and all genders .





Complements :

House Hold rummage :[ Blankets , Quilts , Bedsheets , Pillows , Soft Toys , Hard Toys , Travel Bags , Suite cases , Ladies Hand Bags , Etc……].



Wipers  (Industrial Cleaning Stuff):

The unusable clothes, we call it Rags Or industrial cleaning stuff.

Under this category ,we have many different ítems , such as :

  • Original Mix Hosiery Rags .
  • Colored cotton mix waste .
  • White Cotton hosiery Rags
  • Mix hosiery rags sweater


Packing Process :

Our Packing process depend on the ítems and depend on the desire of the clients.

[Bales , Big Bags , Nielon transperent bags , Sacks , Etc…. ].