06 Abr

west african used clothes

west african used clothes   our main market of used clothes or second hand clothing is african markets west and east african markets therefore we have all the needed items of second hand clothing of african market wetheir used clothes or used shoes or even used toys we have best quality in addition to our best service and our services after sales .

24 Mar

companies of second hand clothing

used clothes wholesaler exporters

companies of second hand clothing  , we are an international company of second hand clothing our location is in europe in spain , we bring our unsorted original or our raw materials from all over europe ( United kingdom , Netherland , belguim and germany ).

if you are looking for or searching for a something difference and better than other companies its a pleasure for us to introduce our company as one of pioneer companies in this field .

17 Mar

spanish companies of used clothes

spanish companies of used clothes , we are a used clothes company our location is in spain Alicante , we have all the needed items of used clothes and used shoes as well . we classify our products based on many grades and quality in addition to the desire of our clients .our space place is arround 3500 square meter , our company established since 1988 .

16 Mar

used clothes african quality

used clothes african quality . we all all the needed items of used clothes and used shoes including african quality , our quality is high quality and fulfill the need of our potencial clients , our items are summer items not damage not dirty and no holes we are classified as one of the finest companies we are in the markets since 1988